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Newyork 190-203-Kolektif Boyut Yayınları Mimarlık ve See Dizisi'nin 14. kitabı Just out York 190-203, kentin heir onüç yılık zaman dilimine isle mimarlık ürünlerine bir bakışı içeriyor. Aylin Tarlan'ın hazırladığı rehber kitap, Just out York'un güncel 34 yapısını tanıtıyor.

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Newyork 1990-2003-Kolektif


I read this for the first time in early 2007 - and had little to no recollection of what it was about other than what Zadie Smith books tend to generally be about (in the same way that John Irving books have some tells, albeit quite different ones than a Smith creation) - so I decided it was time to dust it off and give it a fresh go. Glad I (re)read it, especially now that I'm in Boston, and also because I definitely picked up an entirely different vibe. I've long had a thing for post-colonial lit (thank you, Josna Rege), and On Beauty again scratched the itch for me so that held true to 2007. What was new for me, which I *loved*, is Smith's way of talking about and letting us into characters' thoughts, particularly those surrounding their own shifting sense of self. So much of life - and some of us are more deliberate about this than others - can be concerned with our own self-identity issues, or our own sense of appearance, perception or position in the world, that we spend all too much time preparing for these public moments at the cost of just plain living or being or truly interacting with our environment and the people in it. Some of us are more comfortable in our own skin, and some of us are quite comfortable with the show we're putting on - while there are more than a few of us who aren't satisfied with either of these two methods, some of which Zadie Smith surfaces. I understand that issues of identity often come up in post-colonial writing, but this moved beyond the expected conversation into something more universally relevant that I appreciated. It's a good read. Sometimes a little heavy-handed but I did like peeking into the Belsey-Kipps-Wellington world.

2022-09-06 00:18


Shakespeare's slasher flick! Probably his least sophisticated work, but you can see the roots of a number of characters here (like Iago coming out of Aaron, etc). Aaron is the greatest unabashadly evil character of all time.

2020-08-05 17:04

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