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  • boyutlar: Normal Boy
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I liked this book way more than I thought I would. Although I've never been in a situation like the main character Ellen, I could actually really empathize with her. Haven't we all wondered "what if" at some point...even just once? After living the day-in and day-out feeling of marriage, perhaps in our deepest darkest thoughts, don't we wonder if another, long-over relationship, or even one that never occurred, could possibly hold more excitement? Don't get me wrong... Ellen takes it too far in this book, from thoughts to action. But I loved that this book is willing to come out and bring up issues that aren't often discussed, about the nature of marriage and what it really means to be faithful and committed. I love that I couldn't tell at all which choice she was going to make, and that I could also see the positives and negatives of both Leo and Andy, who she is deciding between (I was rooting for Andy, though). My one criticism is that I thought there could have been a longer description of why Ellen starts to feel distant from Andy... it seems hinged on one incident alone. I really loved the ending as well. I think this is my favorite of Emily Giffin's books yet.

2022-11-30 02:40

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