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Güle Oynaya "İnsanın gelişiminde species yaşlar çok önemlidir. Ebeveynler olarak çocuklarınızın sağlıklı bireyler olarak yetişebilmesine sevgi, şefkat göstererek, fiziksel gereksinimlerini karşılayarak kuşkusuz katkıda bulunuyorsunuz. Bunların yanı sıra species yılarında onunla nasıl ilgilendiğiniz, nasıl terbiye etiğiniz, onun ilerleyen yılarda kendine güvenen, olumlu, duyarlı ve düşünceli bir çocuk olmasında büyük rol oynar. Çocuğunuzla oyun oynamanız, gelişimi için birlikte yararlı etkinlikler yapmanız onunla olumlu ilişkiler kurmanıza yardımcı olur. Bu kitapta yer alan hızlı ve kolay hazırlanabilir pratik oyun ve etkinlikler, çocuğunuzun duygusal, fiziksel, bilişsel ve sosyal gelişimine destek olmada yol gösterici ve yararlı olacaktır. Deneyimlemenizi öneririm. Sağlıklı evlatlar yetiştirebilmeniz dileği ile. " - Instructor. Dr. Ümran Korkmazlar Bu kitap 1-3 yaş arası çocuklar için evinizde bulunan eşyalar ile hazırlayabileceğiniz yaratıcı ve eğitici 105 adet oyun ve aktivite içermektedir. Çocuğunuzu oyun vasıtasıyla eğlendirirken duyularını uyandıran, en yoğun ebeveynlerin bile rahatlıkla kulanabileceği basit anlaşılır fikirler içerir. 5 ana başlık altında toplanan oyun ve aktiviteler, çocuğunuzun fiziksel, sosyal ve psikolojik gelişimini destekler. Kapalı alanda uygulanabilecek oyunlar ile mutfak, sanat ve elişi aktiviteleri özelikle yağmurlu veya zor geçen günlerde çocuğunuzu ve sizi sıkıntıdan kurtarır. Artık açık hava aktiviteleri daha eğlenceli, uzun araba yolculukları hiç olmadığı kadar kısa olacak. Zaman güle oynaya geçecek. “Güle Oynaya” tüm ebeveynlere yardımcı olmak üzere ane yüreği ile kaleme alınmış içten bir kitaptır.

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Güle Oynaya


As usual, Jodi does not disappoint one bit in her latest book, filled with highs and lows, twists and turns, love and hate. I feel like I set the bar really high when it comes to Jodi's books, and I expect a lot from her. I think that it is warranted though, because she is known for all of the research that is put into one of her books, and I think that is what really sets her apart as an author. I'm not saying that there are no other authors out there that research before writing a book, but she takes a controversial issue and breaks it down on all sides, in hopes that she can help even just one closed minded person. I've heard a lot of reviews recently saying that they are "tired of Jodi Picoult writing about controversial issues that end up in the courtroom", and to that my friends, I say "STOP READING HER BOOKS THEN". You know what you are going to get from her, as with any other author she has a formula that works for her. So, since this book is filled with all sorts of controversy, I feel as though I could write an entire book just on my feelings about the book. But I will spare you my ranting and raving. From the first page, I loved Zoe and knew that no matter what I would be on her side. I think Jodi did a fantastic job making Zoe a character that anyone and everyone could relate to. With Max, I went from indifference to disgust to hatred -- just thinking about his character makes me want to punch a wall. He was a total hypocrite and a poor excuse for a man. I'm sure it wasn't Jodi's intent for me to hate Max so much, but it is just so easy. I really liked Vanessa's character, and loved the way that she and Zoe were together. I'm not religious, I'm not homosexual, but I do have very strong feelings when it comes to gay rights. It has been hard for me to understand why people feel the need to meddle in other peoples business. I'm not sure why it is so hard for people to understand that you can't help who you fall in love with. Some women fall in love with men that are abusive, some women fall in love with men that cheat on them....and no one bats an eye. But when a woman falls in love with another woman...everyone has something to say about it. At a few points in the book, it is mentioned by Max's attorney's that gays are not fighting for equal rights, they are fighting for extra rights. I'd really like to know how that is...considering that gay marriages aren't recognized in most states, gay couples have a hard time adopting, if one person in the gay couple happens to be in the hospital their partner is unable to be in the room or to make any medical decisions for them. Tell me, how would having these rights be "extra" rights? They are rights that straight couples take for advantage every day. The one thing that I really got to thinking about while reading this book was the question that is posed in the synopsis - "What constitutes a 'traditional family' in today's day and age?" When I think of the word family I think of a unit of people that love and care about each other. A unit of people that will stick together through thick and thin and will never let anything get in the way of that. To answer the question of which is better for a child - a mother and a father, or a same-sex couple, I think that you would have to look at both sets of parents. There are plenty of children in the world that aren't even lucky enough to have two people to raise them, same-sex or not. While I still think that society as a whole has a hard time understanding a family that is made up of a same-sex couple, I don't think that makes the same-sex couple any less capable of raising a family. I read a review yesterday stating that the reader was highly offended by this book. The reader claimed to be a Christian and thought that Jodi was bashing Christian's as a whole. I really don't think that the reader understood what Jodi was trying to get across. I don't think that Jodi was saying that everyone who claims to be Christian is as nutty as the people that attended Pastor Clive's evangelical church. I think that Jodi was trying to use the extreme right to make her point. It is funny that the reader was so upset by being stereotyped, however the reader never stopped to mention the stereotypes that are laid upon gays every day. The reader just wanted to be offended and shocked at the audacity of this book, but didn't want to read into what the message truly is. Anyway, like I said, I could write an entire book just based on my feelings about this book, but I won't keep rambling on here. My point is...this is an incredible, thought-provoking book that I think everyone should read. ((As a side note, this book comes with an audio CD of songs that Jodi wrote and her good friend performed. I honestly haven't listened to it yet, as I was sucked into the story, but I think it is an awesome idea to have a soundtrack to a book!!))

2022-11-30 05:19

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