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Haruki Murakami’den açlık ve suçun doğası üzerine tuhaf, gizemli ve yer yer komik bir suç öyküsü… Karnımız açtı. Hayır, açlık demek yetmezdi buna. Sanki uzay boşluğunu yutmuştuk. Nereden çıkmıştı bu açlık hisi? Elbete yiyeceğimizin olmamasından. Neden yiyeceğimiz yoktu? Çünkü yiyecek karşılığında verecek değerli bir şeyimiz yoktu. Neden değerli bir şeyimiz yoktu? Sanırım hayal gücümüzün eksikliğinden kaynaklanıyordu değerli bir şeyimizin olmaması. Hayır, değil, belki de karnımızın aç olmasının nedeni, doğrudan hayal gücü eksikliğimizdi. Tanrı, Marx ve John Lenon, hepsi ölmüştü. Karnımız açtı ve bu yüzden suç işleyecektik. “Ben artık sapıtmak üzereyim” dedi arkadaşım. Durumumuzu azıcık sözcükle ancak bu kadar güzel anlatabilirdi. Yazar Hakında: HARUKİ MURAKAMİ 1949’da Kyoto’da doğdu. Vaseda Üniversitesi’nde klasik drama eğitimi aldı. 21. yüzyıl edebiyatının en önemli isimlerinden olan Murakami’nin kitapları pek çok ödül aldı, tüm dünyada elinin üzerinde dile çevrildi. Haruki Murakami’nin tüm kitapları Doğan Kitap tarafından yayımlanmaktadır. KAT MENSCHIK Berlin ve Oderbruch’ta yaşıyor, serbest ilüstratör olarak çalışıyor. Çizimleri düzenli olarak Frankfurter Algemeiner Sontagszeitung’da yayınlanan Menschik, Murakami’nin Uyku ve Tuhaf Kütüphane isimli kitaplarının da çizeridir.

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Fırın Saldırısı - Haruki Murakami


Am i glad that i chose to read this book to the end and not quit the moment i found out there's going to be some fisting. Fisting and gory sex(involving blood) is where i draw the line and i can't stand it... but somehow i braved through it and read the whole story. The story is quite incredible and a bit harsh. The author doesn't try to coddle the reader into sweet moments of romance - it was almost brutal and refreshing at the same time...It's a bit unbelievable that the author was able to pack in so much story and emotion into just 135 pages..that's just brilliant! I would've liked to be forewarned about the fisting, but if i had been forewarned i wouldn't have read the book in the first place... Without the fisting this book would be 4.5 for me. The story was great and well written!

2022-10-14 08:17


I've always thought of this as his worst book (I still haven't read Hey Rube). I liked it better the second time around, I think partially because I had such low expectations. In fact, having just reread all four volumes of the Gonzo Papers, I'd put this one ahead of Generation of Swine, which is a collection of nothing but San Francisco Examiner columns. I think the problem with both books is that for the most part he doesn't go anywhere. I mean actually, physically go anywhere. He is always funny (though often the humor is repetitive) but the vitality of his writing comes from the sense that he's there in the thick of the action and constantly on the verge of a total savage meltdown. One of the joys of Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail was the adrenaline filled sense that he was constantly in high crisis mode, usually a crisis manufactured by his own desperate behavior. Generation of Swine almost captured this a few times (the Florida smuggling sequence, for example), but the excitement was muzzled by the two and a half page newspaper column format. In Better than Sex, he also seems insane and near to losing it, but mainly from the comfort of the Woody Creek bunker, which hardly creates a sense of danger and excitement. At times, shooting off nutty faxes to various players in the '92 presidential campaign, he comes off as a paranoid megalomaniacal shut-in with a delusional sense of his own political significance. Not a fun way to perceive one of one's favorite authors, whose fine high-wire act of outré behavior and sharp political insight created one of the greatest books on politics ever in 1972. Edited to add: Despite all of this, I still found the book hilarious and enjoyed reading it. I'm just not sure it achieved anything of great value beyond a little entertainment. Hell, PJ O'Rourke could've written a book at this level, and to me, he is the superficial (and conservative) version of HST.

2020-12-27 21:53


This book took me forever to read and every time I thought it was ending, it wasn't, but then I was thankful for it continuing. I suppose it was a love/hate relationship. One can definitely tell that an English professor wrote the novel and I'm grateful for that because she made Captain Ahab into one of literature's greatest men in a good way. I think the book borders on Romantic/Gothic literature, which is probably why I really enjoyed it. Imagine an incredibly long Wuthering Heights when reading. I also think, which goes along the lines of the type of literature, that it was definitely promoting naturalism from beginning to end. I don't know if this is the personal view of the author or not, but that was one of the definite themes swimming throughout the novel. Can I really say anything negative...she's published and I'm not! She must be doing something right!

2020-09-11 11:56


Not exactly my style for fun reading. I wanted to get some ideas for fitness.

2020-08-24 00:04


Bir arkadaşım için bunu aldım - şimdiye kadarki en hayranlık uyandıran Noel ekranlarının inanılmaz bir derlemesi!

2019-12-28 11:49

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