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Özün özü (lübül lüb) - Muhyidin İbn Arabi Özün özü (lübül lüb) - Muhidin-i ARABİ Arka Kapak Yazısı: Bu eser,aşk,vecd içinde yanan ,mana zenginliği ile dolan bir büyük zatın eseridir. Onuın derinliği,bilinen bir gerçektir. DASH aşk ile doğmuş,vecd ile yaşamış bir insandır. DASH ölmeyen varlığı arayan ve daima hayır yüklü kafayı taşıyan olmuştur. Kapısını çalan bir dilenciye ,evini bağışladığı bilinir. Formed,insanların putu olduğu gün,ayağını yere vurdu: -İşte putunuz,onu bırakın. Dedi: Madi eşya onun için bir hiç. Çünkü her şey ,ezeli sahibinin elinde. DASH bunu biliyor ,ateşin yakmadığını ,asıl yakanın ,onun çzünde saklı ilahi kuvet olduğunu isbat ediyordu….

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Özün özü (lübbül lüb) - Muhyiddin İbn Arabi


In the beging on A Long Way Gone Ishmae is happy living in Sorena Leon. He is a happy person and enjoys spending time rapping. His home town of Mogbwemo gets attacked by the rebels while he isn't there. Ishmael is on the run from the rebels, every village or town he gets to is about to be attacked or been attacke by the rebels. The rebels have Ishmae, his group of friend and the miltary cornered at the village of Yale. The military is low on men so they reclute kids, wich include Ishmael. After his first kill, killing isn't that big of a deal for him anymore. This happens because of all of the drugs the military made him take. He got very addicted to marijuana and cocaine. But Ishmael is able to heal after the UNICF take him out of the army and put him in rehab. His addiction to drugs is gone and violence is gone also. He begins to love and look foward for the near future.

2020-12-30 13:19


Over the summer I read a book called Small Steps by Louis Sachar. The book is about a kid named Armpit who was at boot camp. Armpit had just came back home only to get in trouble again and become a suspect for scalping tickets with his friend X-Ray who also was with Armpit at boot camp. The only person who believed him was his disabled next door neighbor Ginny. In the story Armpit gets tickets to the most popular teen singer and takes his friend Ginny where during the concert two security officers grab armpit and throw him down on the suspicion of having fake tickets. Just when all hope is lost for Armpit he meets the teen pop sensation Kaira DeLeon and the two become one. While on tour Kaira invites Armpit to go on tour with her where they fall in love but quickly ends. Small Steps is a great book for teenagers, it deals with love and a teen who has a criminal past. While coming home from boot camp his friend X-Ray comes home to and X-Ray plans to scalp tickets to a concert using Armpit’s money. Later while held by police Armpit meets Kaira DeLeon and the two becomes close. After having read through the whole book I felt that it was a good book but at the same time to mushy for my taste. I understand the concept of this book how a everyday average Joe doesn’t have to have all the money in the world to be able to be with a superstar. Also the book teaches values and ethics like scalping is wrong and illegal and that its not what a person is like on the outside its what is in the inside that counts. This is a book I would strongly recommend people should read even if romance isn’t your thing but still it’s a good book and should be given a chance. Louis Sachar wrote this book as a sequel to another book Holes which is where the character Armpit came from. Sachar says he doesn’t get a lot of inspiration, coming up with ideas is harder. After moving to Texas in 1991 gave him the idea to write the previous book Holes, in a way it was about how he felt moving down there. Louis also says when he is writing his books he doesn’t worry about how big it will be or how much he will profit from it, he just likes to write books and whatever will be will be. The character Ginny was created after a girl he knew who had cerebral palsy only her name was Laura so he dedicated this book to Laura and her mother. Louis Sachar has been writing books for years and after each book it seems he has stepped his game up when it comes to writing. Even though as I said before this isn’t really my taste in books I am glad my teacher made me read it because it is a good book and a lot can be learned from it. After having read this book I can honestly give it a 4.5 out of a 5. This is a great book for teenagers I feel there is a great storyline, plot, and I love the characters and settings. Honestly this is an suspenseful and emotional book it can make the most toughest guys in the world shed just one tear with the way the storyline acts out at the end. In all my years of reading books on serial killers musicians and fantasy never have I come across a book like this so well written and controversial within some of the paragraphs. Louis Sachar is truly an exquisite writer and it makes me want to read more of his books.

2020-12-15 04:35


Dostum yazabilir! Büyük nesir, özellikle Batı'nın çorak manzaraları hakkındaki açıklamaları. Öyleyse, İlyada'nın sulandırılmış bir hali gibi okunur; yani bunun için çok fazla hikaye yok.

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