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Amr Atya Atya itibaren Monnoh, Liberya


Poisoned Kisses is a mythica Harlequin Nocturne Book by Stephanie Draven. this book features Kyra, the nymph daughter of Ares, hell bent on wrecking Daddy's world. Or at least stop him from wrecking havoc on the human world through controlling Marco, a war forged hydra. Initially a peace-keeper in Rwanda, Marco is now on the opposite side, as a weapons dealer. Kyra stalks Marco intent on killing him. But Marco almost kills Kyra with his poison blood. Or at least as close as a mortal can come to killing an immortal. But Kyra doesn't give up easy. She follows Marco to his father's funeral in his hometown and impersonates his vapid ex-girlfriend. instead of killing Marco, Kyra ends up trapped with him in a house.The attraction is like a flame, lighting both of their world's on fire. But when Marco figures out who Kyra is, the attraction goes hay-wire. Add in Ares minion's arrival and things really get interesting. Kyra and Marco split up but reunite in the Congo, and are now facing an African War God, as well as Kyra's Daddy. What will be the fate of Marco and Kyra's love? If you didn't already know this, I love Greek mythology. Stephanie brought all the Greek mythology and sprinkled modern times on it, with a side of steamy. Kyra is not your typical damsel in distress and Marco is a monster-less monster. I loved how both characters evolved without changing who they were. This book is definitely worth your time, especially if you are a mythology or fantasy lover!! http://themusingsofabookjunkie.blogsp...