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Okuyucu F itibaren Urmikeevo, Sverdlovskaya oblast', Rusya

F itibaren Urmikeevo, Sverdlovskaya oblast', Rusya


I found this a very disturbing book. Written in a way that made me feel very uncomfortable, in a way that I wanted to get up and DO something. Yuriko Hirata's sister writes about her life in Japan, with a stunningly beautiful sister whom she hates. They are opposites in all aspects and do absolutely not get along. The sister attends a very expensive school, trying to get ahead in life. She has no friends at school, is somehow always argueing with the other girls, for many reasons. Yuriko is destined to become a prostitute: the only way she knows to get things done is to please men, she's beautiful but not very bright. Kazue Sato is a bright girl, working very hard to become and stay the best. She is awkward in her communications with boys, but gets a good job as a member of the family with an architectural an engenerical office. She is not a very social woman during the day, but to be incontrol, balanced as she calls it herself, she 'decided' to become a prostitute too: have control over men and her own life, a thing she didn't achieve in her day-life. After Yuriko's and Kazues deaths, they were both killed while working the streets as a middle aged prostitute, the sister lets us read her diary as well as the diary of Kazue and give an inside view on their lives. Somehow she also laid hands on the court reports, the police reports about the killer and she also shares them with the reader. These four sights give a disturbing view on the lives of these females in Japan. A harsh society, not friendly at all to women. The stories of lives going downhill made me want to get up and shout out at them to try and make a change, somehow. I know there's nothing I can do, although I would like that. That feeling will stay with me for quite some time. I'm not sure if Kirino intended the book to have this effect, but it did on me. Very interested in what other people think about it.