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Du Vanzella Vanzella itibaren Kuchelmiß, Almanya


This is a re-read for me, and I loved it just as much this time around. However, I remember when I read this book about 8 years ago that I identified very much with Langston, I really loved her. This time around, I felt much more intrigued by Amos and even a little irritated by Langston. I suppose this means that I'm no longer the semi-rebellious but mostly idealistic college student I was before. The backgrounds of the characters in this book are fascinating; Kimmel excels at building characters who are shaped by the histories she gives them in realistic ways. This novel succeeds as a character study while also being very plot-driven - something that The Used World was less successful at. This is interesting to me because The Solace of Leaving Early is Kimmel's first novel and you'd think she'd only improve. I thoroughly enjoyed the internal philosophical and religious struggles that both Langston and Amos have, as they read, write and think. I love characters that have fantastic inner lives, and who think as much as they act and Kimmel is not afraid here to focus the reader's attention inward. I am curious to read more of her work, though my mom told me that nothing else she's read of hers compares to The Solace of Leaving Early. Kimmel has a new novel that will come out in 2012 though that I'll probably pick up. Themes: religion, tragedy, grief, family, love, parents affecting children, philosophy, small midwestern town, writing, literature