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Seo Yumi Yumi itibaren Echuca Village VIC 3564, Avustralya


Pleasant, inoffensive, and whimsical. Like seahorses. At the biological end it’s fairly skimpy- which just goes to show how little is known about these bizarre, secretive fish. I found the discussion on culture significance of sea horses to be a stretch—the inclusion of a sea horse on platterware that depicts a marine menagerie does not convincingly demonstrate a deep cultural enamor with the dainty weirdoes. Later chapters are devoted to topics that are applicable to sea horses but tackle much grander ecological concerns harming many species: overfishing, coral reef bleaching, traditional Chinese medicine, and the aquarium industry. One of the most impressive parts of this book was its tack on Chinese medicine. Dr. Scales explains the basic ideology and treats the topic with respect. Before this book I considered much of the traditional medicine practice infuriating, woefully outdated, and inexcusable for pressures on threatened and endangered wildlife species. After reading this book… I still feel that way. But now I comprehend why it is so difficult to convince users that rhino horn, tiger genetalia, and powered seahorse will not improve their health or wellbeing. Huzzah for my enlightenment yet I’m still bummed. After all, sea horses are another example of amazing, innocuous creatures- slowly operating at a tiny scale and oblivious to human activity- that are getting screwed over by our species. Can’t end on that depressing note, so I’ll point out that the Monterey Bay Aquarium has a magical sea horse exhibit and I bet everyone who walks through there cannot help but be enchanted by the wee beasts.