Malcolm Wesener Wesener itibaren Repyevka, Voronezhskaya oblast', Rusya itibaren Repyevka, Voronezhskaya oblast', Rusya

Okuyucu Malcolm Wesener Wesener itibaren Repyevka, Voronezhskaya oblast', Rusya

Malcolm Wesener Wesener itibaren Repyevka, Voronezhskaya oblast', Rusya


I probably only enjoyed this as much as I did because I was in the middle of midterms and needed something brainless because honestly, this was awful. I read on the author’s website that she wrote this in like fourteen days or something and I believe it. This almost meets the criteria of what not to do for starting writers. There were several things that annoyed me: -The show-don’t-tell rule definitely didn’t apply here. I think after the protagonist’s first meeting with the love interest she actually says “there was a connection between us”. The whole book was like this. -The main character was completely unlikable. She had no redeeming qualities whatsoever – she sleeps in class and is failing (and doesn’t care), and just sits around and watches tv all day, waiting for a text message from a boy she likes, completely abandoning her family for him. When she finds out she’s going to live with this family, she’s thrilled because now she’ll never have to work or go to college. The love interest is pretty much the same: he’s got all eternity, and all he wants to do is play video games. -This is a pet peeve of mine, but I just despise modern references in books. I mean really, she uses modern bands, labels and tells us in extraneous detail what she’s wearing – there is no timelessness in this at all. In a few years, people will laugh at this. -I’m a little bit dense with these things, but I could not tell, until Alice and Jack actually said out loud, whether or not Alice was romantically interested in him. She kept saying “I’m not attracted to him”, they weren’t dating, there was no internal monologue of her pining for him or anything, so it was really confusing. Only until the kissing scene happened did I know for sure. - The simplistic writing style really got on my nerves. I guess the POV was a (rather vapid) teenage girl but it was just so ... plain. -Jack’s family IS the Cullens. I probably won’t continue on with this series, but it was a nice break from Darwin, Shakespeare and philosophy essays.