Bruno Soares Soares itibaren Kani Sard, Irak itibaren Kani Sard, Irak

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Bruno Soares Soares itibaren Kani Sard, Irak


Maggie is done. Done with life, and she has a very practical plan to finish it off, and a checklist of things to do to prepare, including purchasing an egg timer to make sure the crazy glue dries thoroughly. In I Still Dream About You series of events keeps pushing back the plan and Maggie tries to deal with each new event logically. Within three days of postponing her plan, this normal woman had found a human skeleton, lied to the police and put a foot bone in an empty sack from Baskin Robbins. Her plan was supposed to end her worries, but now she has more than ever. Dignified Maggie is the epitome of an southern belle. She is approximately my age, in other words, aging. A former Miss Alabama, Maggie obeys all the rules, like me. Her thoughts and feelings are like mine. The thought processes she uses to come to unusual conclusions are perfectly logical and I can see myself doing the same curious things under the same curious circumstances. The writing is amusing and the characters are likable, even the dead one and the bee-atch. The ending is predictable, no spoiler possible, but it is still well-written and engaging. I would recommend I Still Dream About You to any woman in the stage of life that I find myself in. Very entertaining.