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itibaren Gyvoliai, Litvanya


I read this book in about 12 hours and loved every word. It is a mystery/family drama in the spirit of Victorian gothic novels like Jane Eyre. The heroine, a bookish, Bronte-esque introvert, is emotionally haunted by the death (at birth) of her conjoined twin. Enter a mysterious, world-famous author (on her deathbed, of course) who wants to tell her true life story--but only to our heroine, an amateur biographer who lives above her father's bookshop in Cambridge, England. Many twists, feints and, of course, twin-themed drama later, the truth (such as it is) is revealed. You don't have to love Gothic novels to love this book (though it helps). You do have to love intelligent, fast-paced, psychologically intricate stories. The only reason it has four stars is because some might find the ending too pat. (I didn't.)